How can I write url /:lang/display-cv-:cvid using zend_config?

I got a zend_config file called routes.ini.

Currently my url looks like this /:LanguageCode/display-cv/:CVID

as defined by this route:

routes.display-cv.route = /:LanguageCode/display-cv/:CVID routes.display-cv.defaults.controller = users-profile routes.display-cv.defaults.action = display-cv routes.display-cv.defaults.CVID = routes.display-cv.reqs.CVID = "\d+" routes.display-cv.defaults.LanguageCode = 'en' routes.display-cv.reqs.LanguageCode = "[a-z]{2}"

which results in /en/display-cv/1

but my boss wants this instead:


I tried to simply change:

routes.display-cv.route = /:LanguageCode/display-cv/:CVID

to: routes.display-cv.route = /:LanguageCode/display-cv-:CVID.html but the result is: /en/display-cv-:CVID.html. it's considered a static url.

Then I call it this way:

<?php foreach ($this->CvList as $CV){ ?> <a href="<?php echo $this->url(array( 'action' => 'display-cv', 'CVID' => $CV->CVID, 'LanguageCode' => 'en' ),'display-cv'); ?>"> <?php echo $CV->CvName; ?> <BR/> </a> <?php } ?>

How can I change the configuration above to achieve this?

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You need to use Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex. For example, for your case I think that you could do:

resources.router.routes.display-cv.route = "(.+)/display-cv-(\d+)\.html"
resources.router.routes.display-cv.type = "Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex"
resources.router.routes.display-cv.defaults.controller = users-profile
resources.router.routes.display-cv.defaults.action = display-cv = LanguageCode = id
resources.router.routes.display-cv.reverse = "/%s/display-cv-%d.html"

Hope this helps.

EDIT: There was a mistake with ID and a revers url.

routes.display-cv.route = "(.+)/display-cv-(\d+)\.html"
routes.display-cv.type = "Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex"
routes.display-cv.defaults.controller = users-profile
routes.display-cv.defaults.action = display-cv = LanguageCode = CVID
routes.display-cv.reverse = "%s/display-cv-%d.html"

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