How can i use the following hyperlink in Google Maps, but have it show the road labels as well?

I am using the following hyperlink to display a set of coordinates in Google Maps. It is working great. However, is there a way to have it display the road labels as well? I do realize that if i change it to hybrid instead of earth, (by changing the "e" to an "h") it will, but our customers are liking the earth view.,-95.807090%28LineStat%29&t=e

Thank you very much

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If you link to -,-5.807090%28LineStat%29&lci=transit

You get the option to switch to earth mode - and when you do the road labels are present...

AFAIK there is no way to enter the earth view with the road layer toggled.

You can see a pretty good list of the available parameters here.

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