How Can I Split a String According To Delimiters in Qt?

I am trying to split a string according to delimiter the equevelant code in C# is :

char[] delimiterChars = { ' ', ',', '.', ':', '\t' }; String[] query = sometext.Split(delimiterChars);

but I want to do it in Qt

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Use split function that accepts Qt Regular Expression.

QRegExp rx("(\\ |\\,|\\.|\\:|\\t)"); //RegEx for ' ' or ',' or '.' or ':' or '\t'
QStringList query = sometext.split(rx);

I think that old ubiquitous strtok or strtok_r is what you are looking for

If you really want to do this the QT native what take a look at the split function in QString Class:

This link provides a good example for the use. The difference is that it doesn't allow for multiple delimiter characters in the sep string. It actually takes the exact string you pass as separator.

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