How can I include unit tests in maven assembly?

Reason: Our project is using Ant as commandline interface. After making a new assembly with maven's assembly plugin, I want to make initial tests to see if all has been properly assembled. Therefore I need to include the unit tests in the final assembly. After assembling, the initial tests would then be called sth like

> ant initTest


<target="initTest"> <junit> <test class="MyTest" /> </junit> </target>

Problem is: I want to keep my Unit tests in src/test/java and not move them to src/main/java. Is there a way to tell the assembly plugin to include my unit tests? A simple include in the assembly descriptor does not do it ...

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There are two steps:

  1. Package the tests into a jar as well as the main code.
  2. Depend on that "-tests" jar in the module that makes the assembly.

To package up the tests, you need to bin the jar:test-jar goal. e.g.


Then in the assembly module, you can depend on the resulting artifact.


The key bit is the "classifier".

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