How can I get WorksheetFunction.Growth to work properly?

I'm having a lot of syntax issues with this is my code

Range(Cells(2, 4), Cells(911, 4)) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Growth(Range(Cells(2, 3), Cells(85, 3)), Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(85, 1)), Range(Cells(2,1),Cells(911,1)))

'Cells(2, 4).AutoFill Destination:=Range(Cells(2, 4), Cells(911, 4))

I would like to keep everything in the Range(Cells(),Cells()) format

C2:C85 are the [known Ys].

I want to take the growth of that and put the result in D2:D911 [to be calculated Ys].

A2:A911 (where A2 = 1 and counts all the way down to A910 = 911) are the [known Xs]

And I want it to also use the A2:A911 range again for the [new Xs]

I have both lines of code there since I am not sure whether or not I should be including my whole range during the growth execution....or if i should execute onto on cell, then auto fill the rest of the array (since the growth function is an array, correct?). How can I get WorksheetFunction.Growth to work properly?

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The first part should be sufficient:

Range(Cells(2, 4), Cells(911, 4)).Value = _
Application.WorksheetFunction.Growth _
(Range(Cells(2, 3), Cells(85, 3)), _
Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(85, 1)), _
Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(911, 1)))

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