How can I get word wrap to work in Eclipse PDT for PHP files?

Programming PHP in Eclipse PDT is predominately a joy: code completion, templates, method jumping, etc.

However, one thing that drives me crazy is that I can't get my lines in PHP files to word wrap so on long lines I'm typing out indefinitely to the right.

I click on Windows|Preferences and type in "wrap" and get:

  • Java | Code Style | Formatter
  • Java | Editor | Typing
  • Web and XML | CSS Files | Source

I've tried changing the "wrap automatically" that I found there and the "Line width" to 72 but they had no effect.

How can I get word wrap to work in Eclipse PDT for PHP files?

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This has really been one of the most desired features in Eclipse. It's not just missing in PHP files-- it's missing in the IDE. Fortunately, from Google Summer of Code, we get this plug-in Eclipse Word-Wrap

To install it, add the following update site in Eclipse:

AhtiK Eclipse WordWrap 0.0.5 Update Site

It's a known enhancement request. Bug 35779

The plugin Eclipse Word-Wrap Plug-In by Florian Weßling works well in latest Eclispe PDT (3.0.2) for me.

Update links

Eclipse Indigo 3.7:

Eclipse Juno 4.2:


After the installation You could use context menu: Right click > Toggle Word Wrap

or Menu > Edit > Toggle Word Wrap

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