How can i fix this mismatching iPhone provisioning problem?

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 3.0 sdk. Once i did this, i needed to reinstall the correct provisioning profile on my iPhone. However, i can no longer deploy to my device when i need to debug things. In the organizer window i get the following error:

The iPhone “(my iphone)” doesn’t have the provisioning profile with which the application was signed.

Please add the provisioning profile via the Organizer, or check the “Code Signing Identity” build setting.

I've verified that the profile is in fact installed on the device. I think my certificate is correct, since i needed to also redo the whole cert request process for another reason. Has anyone else encountered this error, and is there a way to fix it?

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No provisioning problems here - but sometimes I have changed things and forget to update the details on the target and on the main build to the new profile / provisioning certificate.

Have you checked both are now using the new profile / certificate combination.

I'm not sure exactly what i did to make it work, but it worked after tweaking the product name and identifier in my app's target info, which i'd changed before because of how spaces/underscores don't work as a bundle identifier.

I got this error after simply doing a Build and Run on a project that I'd just cloned from GitHub. Performing a Clean All Targets followed by a new Build and Run (presumably with my prov profs this time) cleared it right up.

Probably a rare case; YMMV.

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