How can I change line height / line spacing in Eclipse?

I am using Eclipse for Java programming but lines in the editor look too close together.

I want to change the amount spacing/gap between lines. Is there an option in Eclipse that I can use to do this?

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I've cloned and installed the font from

and made it my IDE editor font for Eclipse. Line spacing is much better now!

You could configure a formatter (Preferences | Java | Code Style) to inject extra empty lines. Otherwise, you might be able to find a font (Preferences | General | Appearance | Colors and Fonts) with a lot of built-in whitespace. On Windows, I like 'consolas'--it's not particularly whitespace-y but it is a nice mono-spaced, readable font.

Create your own bitmap font that uses all of the rows at the top of the font. It does work, and seems to save about up to 4 rows of pixels in a 17 point font. I did it as follows:

  • install otf2bdf
    • go to font folder, presumably in root terminal
    • Clone your favorite font (presumably a truetype font) using otf2bdf to the size you want it
    • install fontforge
    • edit the font so that it uses all of the rows above the line for the capital letters
      • typically there are about 3 lines of pixels that are left blank and that is why there is so much space between rows
      • should you wish you can also uses some of the rows below the line but I think these are typically used for lower case letters like y which drop below the line (not so important when programming)
    • install the font by:
      • saving it into one of the font folders such as /usr/local/share/fonts
      • updating the font chache In a root terminal with fc-cache -f -v
    • use the new font

With respect to my response above, I can now provide more detail as to how to create the font, along with suggestions for creating a nicer font (starting with a truetype font):

  • Pick a truetype font you wish to use (I used an arial font)
  • Downloaded and install fontforge
  • Start fontforge and open the font file; I used a root terminal so that I could be sure to save the file in protected font folder
  • Select all the characters (Edit/Select/Select All)
  • Element Font Info PS Names
  • Specify names - I called it ArialMTVerticallyTighter; make sure you change all of the names on this tab or it may use the new font instead of the old font where you don't want it to
    • Element transformations transform
    • origin glyph origin
    • scale uniformly 120 %
      (more will be too big, use less if you want more spacing between lines)
  • Element General 1792 256 2048 Scale -142 150
  • OS/2 Metrics
    • Turn off is offset all over tab and t
    • Turn on really use typo metrics
    • 1792 512 1792 -512 0 1792 -512 0
  • File Generate Fonts - true type - into font folder - use new font name
  • File save (in case you screwed up so you can go back) to new name
  • Open new font file (in nautilus) with font viewer (by double clicking)
  • Install it
  • Start Eclipse
  • Set it as font in eclipse
    (window>preference>general>appearance>java editor>text font to new font)

Remember that the font size you see in eclipse for a particular setting e.g. 9 actually corresponds to about an 11 point font with less space between the lines

On linux with gtk you can also play with a .gtkrc file. See here and here as examples.

Of course this doesn't help anything on windows :)

you could put overly high characters in some comment somewhere, try "|ÄÁg$ÑĈђךןﭼژçÅẤДАБψ". As soon as Eclipse sees this in a file, it'll increase the line-separation for the whole file to properly display thos characters.

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