How can I call member variables of a class within a static method?

I am using some method to autoload helper files with functions. The only problem I am having now, is how to call the variables in that class.

Because I am not instantiating it as an object, $this won't work. But what will?

class some_helperclass { var $some_variable = '007'; public static function some_func() { //return 'all ok'; if (self::some_variable !== FALSE) { return self::ip_adres; } }

I can call the function from anywhere now with the help of spl_autoload_register().

some_helperclass:: some_func();

-------------Problems Reply------------

You have to use self::$some_variable. Put the $ in there.

The member variable has to be declared static too.

Declare the variable as static too.

private static $some_variable;

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