Hitting api on server using websocket connection in android

I am working on websocket connection to communicate with server. Now, we have established a connection and able to send and receive message using Autobahn library.

Here is the code:

private void start() { // wsuri is the url which has to be hit for connecting to the server i.e // "ws://hostname:port " final String wsuri = "ws://" + mHostname.getText() + ":" + mPort.getText(); // showing status on the UI. mStatusline.setText("Status: Connecting to " + wsuri + " .."); // enabling disconnect button clicking on which the connection will be // disconnected. setButtonDisconnect(); try { mConnection.connect(wsuri, new WebSocketConnectionHandler() { @Override public void onOpen() { // If connection is open, then status will be updated to // "connected to..." mStatusline.setText("Status: Connected to " + wsuri); savePrefs(); // enabling mSendMessage button and mMessage edit Text. mSendMessage.setEnabled(true); mMessage.setEnabled(true); } @Override public void onTextMessage(String payload) { Log.d("ss", payload); alert(payload); } @Override public void onClose(int code, String reason) { // If connection is lost, alert will be shown connection is // lost and status will be set to "Ready". alert("Connection lost."); mStatusline.setText("Status: Ready."); setButtonConnect(); // disabling mSendMessage button and mMessage edit Text. mSendMessage.setEnabled(false); mMessage.setEnabled(false); } }); } catch (WebSocketException e) { Log.d(TAG, e.toString()); } }

We just have a single method onTextMessage(String payload) to handle response from server.

and to send message to server we use mConnection.sendTextMessage(mMessage.getText().toString());

But now we are facing issue that how to hit api on that server?or lets say I want some list of devices or device_Status etc how it will happen??

Any idea how to do that?? At present I am thinking of sending some "key":"pair" value in message in form of json, by which the server will identify what request I have made...

I am still not sure whether this is the right way? Please if somebody can help me in this.

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