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I have this code that converts binary to hex

## The Input part l = raw_input('Input 8-bit number: ') j = list(l) ## Value Error part t = [int(x) for x in j] if len(t) != 8 or len([n for n in t if n not in (1, 0)]) != 0: raise ValueError('NOT 1 OR 0, or NOT CORRECT LENGTH') ## The Conversion part a = l[0] b = l[1] c = l[2] d = l[3] e = l[4] f = l[5] g = l[6] h = l[7] p = a+b+c+d q = e+f+g+h y = hex(int(p, 2))[2:] z = hex(int(q, 2))[2:] ## The Results part print print 'Results' print 'Binary: ',l print 'Hex: ',y+z

my whole conversion part is insanely long because whenever i try to convert a number that has 0000 in front of it it doesnt print the 0 and i need it to print the 0 is there a way to do this without doing the long process

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If I understand you correctly, you want to print out a 2-digit hex number that is gotten from the binary input l. You can do that as follows:

print 'Hex: ', hex(int(l, 2))[2:].zfill(2)

Skip all that coding.

First off, try hex(): http://docs.python.org/library/functions.html#hex

Then, check out format(): http://docs.python.org/library/functions.html#format

print "%02x" % int(raw_input("Enter a number in binary: "), 2)

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