GWT, disable autoclose MenuBar when clicking on MenuItem?

I want to if it is possible to disable the auto-close MenuBar when I click on a MenuItem? I have several MenuItem that are like checkboxes, so I can check more than one MenuItem and don't want my menu close everytime I checked one.


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First, directly it's not possible because the popup-panel which displays the submenu is private in the MenuBar class.

Buuut, there is a way to do so ...

Simpley fetch the current code out of googles code repository and include it in your eclipse gwt-project.

You don't have to change anything e.g. package deklaration or something. Just put your source in your project and it will simply replace the original MenuBar-class from the gwt-sdk during compilation (works also with hosted development mode).

Then you can simply set the property autoHide of the popup-Panel to false and the popup shouldn't disappear after clicking.

You can set hideOnClick to false on the menuItems

See here.

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