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I am using Grails 1.3.4. Using grails WAR command, I build the war and deploy it to Tomcat 6.0.20. When tomcat is started, the war gets exploded and application works fine as required.

The questions, if I make any changes to say for example a .js file in the exploded war package , the change never gets reflected in the front end even after restarting tomcat. It is the same case for .gsp pages. So every time I have to build the war again (including my changes) and redeploy it again.

Is there anything I am missing or something I am doing wrong?

Cheers! jAY

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This is slightly related to

For GSP at least you can set grails.gsp.enable.reload=true But if you it more often you will eventually get OutOfMemory exception. So be careful with that.

are you deleting the war file before restarting the application server? If not tomcat will just explode it again and it will over write your changes

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