Gradle error after git clone

I am new to Git and Android studio. Basically I have a working android studio project which I pushed on my home computer and expected to do a simple pull at work and continue my work.

Unfortunately I am getting this error message and cannot run my project:

3:45:27 PM Migrate Project to Gradle? This project does not use the Gradle build system. We recommend that you migrate to using the Gradle build system. More Information about migrating to Gradle Don't show this message again.

The message is suggesting the project does not use gradle, when in fact...this project does use Gradle on my home computer.

-------------Problems Reply------------

First of all I would remove following files/directories from your project-folder:


Then try to import the project again in AndroidStudio. This usually works for me, and to avoid that in the future, adjust the .gitignore file properly.

If the first tip does not help: have you tried downloading a more recent gradle (1.12) locally and point to that directory? (Don't point AndroidStudio to download, but do it yourself first). You are not using a gradle-wrapper are you?

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