Global queries in laravel 5


$categories = Categories::get(); return view('coolpage', ['categories' => $categories]);

Blade View:

<ul> @foreach ($categories as $category) <li><a href="{{ secure_url($category->alias) }}">{{ $category->title }}</a></li> @endforeach </ul>

This works perfect on individual views.

I want to be able to have these categories show up on every page (this will be used as a dropdown menu in the header navbar). I have app.blade.php that contains the header html and @yield('content'). The only way I can think of querying out the categories is somehow putting it in my routes files... which I'm pretty sure is not the way to go.

I'm hoping to get suggestions / examples.

-------------Problems Reply------------

One solution is to use Laravel View Composers to bind data to a view.

As described in the Laravel documentation, you can use a wildcard view composer to accomplish this.

First you would set up a service provider for view composers, with a closure-based composer that will apply to every page (the * wildcard symbol):

<?php namespace App\Providers;

use View;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;

class ComposerServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

* Register bindings in the container.
* @return void
public function boot()
View::composer('*', function($view)

* Register
* @return void
public function register()


Then you'll need to add the service provider to the providers array in config/app.php. This will register this service provider so that the view composer is called on every page load.

Then you can bind a collection of all Categories to all views by adding it to the wildcard view composer like so:

public function boot()
View::composer('*', function($view)
$view->with('categories', \App\Categories::all());

all, what @jakeOpena says is true, View Composers is the best solution.

here is my example from route.php :

View::composer('layouts.left_navbar_menu', function($view) {
$menu = App::make('LeftNavMenu')->menuBilder();
$view->with('name', $menu);

my view "layouts/left_navbar_menu" is included in master template, like this:


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