git svn imported repository using svn branches

I've cloned a replicated svn repository (svnsync to local file system). All the branches etc. are now available in git. Now i would like to start working on svn branches

git checkout remotes/B_XYZ

and doing some commits via git. Now i want to change to a different SVN branch via

git checkout remotes/B_ABC

and doing some changes as well.

And now the final question is: Is it possible to commit the changes i made on the branches (in git) to the original Subversion repository back on the appropriate branches?

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Is git svn dcommit not working for you?

After some experiments i figured out how to do the commit to the new repository which is not the replicated one.

git svn dcommit --commit-url URL/branches/BRANCHNAME

With the command above i can commit the changes i made in git into the new svn repository.

It is possible if you install SubGit into your SVN repository and use it instead of git-svn. It will create a pure Git repository (not git-svn repository!) for you such that any push to it will result into SVN commit and vice-versa (triggered by hooks). Any new branch push will create a branch in SVN, any tag push will create a tag.

The only restriction is that you should have an access to your SVN repostiory, but is seem it's exactly your case.

To do that run

$ subgit install path/to/svn/repostiory

The linked Git repository will be in path/to/svn/repostiory/.git.

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