Getting 0 rows returned on query

so let me start will the basic table layout for all tables involved:


+----+----------+-----------+ | id | zip_code | time_zone | +----+----------+-----------+ | 1 | 00544 | -1 | | 2 | 00601 | -3 | | 3 | 00602 | 0 | | 4 | 00603 | -3 | | 5 | 00604 | 0 | +----+----------+-----------+


+------+---------------+--------------------+ | id | location_code | service_center_zip | +------+---------------+--------------------+ | 7119 | TX725 | 79714 | | 7121 | TX734 | 75409 | | 7122 | TX737 | 78019 | | 7124 | TX742 | 75241 | | 7126 | TX751 | 77494 | +------+---------------+--------------------+


+----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+ | id | truck_stop_code | create_date | gps_verified | central_time | +----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+ | 1 | CA428 | 05/01/2015 14:52 | 0 | NULL | | 2 | CA343 | 05/01/2015 19:10 | 0 | NULL | | 3 | CA223 | 05/01/2015 09:28 | 0 | NULL | | 4 | CA721 | 05/01/2015 07:55 | 0 | NULL | | 5 | MN336 | 05/01/2015 06:46 | 0 | NULL | +----+-----------------+------------------+--------------+--------------+

When I was working on this project an issue was noticed with the create_date column in transaction_record. It needs to be converted to central time, so I wrote an update query, but I have been unable to successfully set the central_time column. My query is below:


UPDATE t SET t.central_time = DATEADD(hour, z.time_zone,CONVERT(DATETIME, t.create_date, 120)) FROM eagle_devel.dbo.zip_code_time_zone z INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.pricing_record p ON z.zip_code = p.service_center_zip INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.transaction_record t ON t.truck_stop_code = p.location_code

This is what i get when I run the query

(0 row(s) affected)


The time_zone column in #zip_code_time_zone is not the standard UTC it is the difference to calculate to central

I am still working on this as we speak, just looking for some extra assistance to see if someone else can fix it faster than myself.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Try like this instead with little changes, table you are updating should be in FROM clause and then adjust the JOIN accordingly

SET t.central_time = DATEADD(hour, z.time_zone,CONVERT(DATETIME, t.create_date, 120))
FROM eagle_devel.dbo.transaction_record t
INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.pricing_record p ON t.truck_stop_code = p.location_code
INNER JOIN eagle_devel.dbo.zip_code_time_zone z ON z.zip_code = p.service_center_zip

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