Get previous occurrence of a LocalTime

How to get the previous occurrence of a specified local time as an instant, for the system timezone ?

This basically means getting today at specified time or yesterday at specified time depending whether the specified time for today is before or after now.

Of course, I need to take into account timezone switch because of daylight saving. That is, the timezone offset can be different for today and yesterday.

This is what I've got now :

public Instant getPreviousOccurence(LocalTime scheduledTime) { Instant now =; Instant todayAtSpecifiedTime = now.with(scheduledTime); return todayAtSpecifiedTime.isAfter(now) ? todayAtSpecifiedTime.minus(1, ChronoUnit.DAYS) : todayAtSpecifiedTime; }

But after checking the source of Instant.minus(), I noticed that it removes 84600 seconds for a day, which would be wrong in my case. Additionally, I'm not sure whether Instant.with() will use the system timezone or UTC.

Edit 1

In case there are no occurrence of the specified time for today (because of a timezone shift), the instant of the timezone shift should be returned. In case there are two occurrences of the specified time for today, the latest in the past should be returned.

Edit 2

After checking with Product Owner, it turns out that in case there are two occurrences of the specified time within a day, always returning the first (or always returning the second) is fine. We don't need both.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Many thanks to Jon Skeet for pointing me to ZonedDateTime. Here is my solution using this type.

public Instant getPreviousOccurence(LocalTime scheduledTime) {
Instant now =;
ZonedDateTime todayAtScheduledTime = ZonedDateTime.ofInstant(now, EUROPE_PARIS).with(scheduledTime).withEarlierOffsetAtOverlap();
if (todayAtScheduledTime.toInstant().isAfter(now)) {
return todayAtScheduledTime.minusDays(1).withEarlierOffsetAtOverlap().toInstant();
} else {
return todayAtScheduledTime.toInstant();

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