Get Pixel Height of Font in IE7

I need to get the pixel height of a line of text with javascript. I've written a gwt method that works in Firefox and Chrome and does ok with IE8. But it doesn't work at all in IE7. My code follows, if anyone knows a solution I'd appreciate it.

public static int getFontHeight() { HTML sizeText = new HTML("Abcdefghij <br/>klmno<br />pqrst<br /> uvwxyz"); sizeText.addStyleName("page"); AbsolutePanel ap = new AbsolutePanel(); ap.setSize("100%", "100%"); ap.add(sizeText, 50, 50); sizeText.getElement().getStyle().setZIndex(-50); RootPanel.get().add(ap); int height = (int) sizeText.getOffsetHeight() / 4; RootPanel.get().remove(ap); if (DetectBrowser.isIE8()) return height + 2; return height; }

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