Formatter parameter passes as null

I am trying to export table data to an Excel sheet. Everything works OK without formatter. But I have to format some cells before converting table to Excel. I'm debugging the code. Formatter function's parameter passes as null value. Here is my code:

var oExport = new sap.ui.core.util.Export( { exportType : new sap.ui.core.util.ExportTypeCSV( { separatorChar : ";" }), models : this.getView().getModel(), rows : { path : "/FaaliyetServisiSet" }, columns : [ { name : "Kişi", template : { content : "{Klnad}" } }, { name : "Faaliyet", template : { content : "{Falyt}" } }, { name : "Süre", template : { content : { parts : ["Sure"], formatter : function(oValue){ // oValue is null that's the problem !!!!!!! oValue = oValue +2; return oValue; } } } }, { name : "Proje", template : { content : "{Proje}" } }, ] });

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I´m facing a similar issue in some data binding use cases. The formatter function gets called with the initial data binding value which can be null or undefined. I circumvent this issue by ignoring calls of the formatter function by simple null and undefined checks.

You should an array of objects instead of strings for the parts

parts: [
{ path: "Sure" }

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