Fixing width of some elements with Regular Expressions

I'm using tinyMCE for a website, and I usually paste Word tourism offers in it, which create certain DIVs with all kind of widths, while my main DIV (which also contains the <textarea> for tinyMCE) is around 550px width.

I would like to use regex in order to reduce width of all possible elements inside my main div to 550px - as someone else but me uses the page editor as well, and he doesn't know how to manually modify width of word-created-element.

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With php you could preg_replace dimensions:

preg_match('"@[";\s]width\s*:\s*([0-9]{3,})[email protected]', $html, $matches);

foreach($matches as $match)
// if > 550 then make it 550
if((int)$match[1] > 550)
$new = str_replace((int)$match[1], '550', $match[0]);
$html = str_replace($match[0], $new, $html);

Remember though that...

widths can be in ems or % too padding and border add to dimensions floating things can put them next to each other

... and for those reasons I suggest you are better to add overflow:hidden to your main DIV

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