Find in array smarty

I have an array

Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 32 [type] => 4 ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 51 [type] => 9 ) .. .. .. .. .. [84] => Array ( [id] => 51 [type] => 9 [cnt] => 1180 ) )

And i need to find value of [cnt] in my array, which lies only in one index of my entire array. The index of [cnt] is not constant.

-------------Problems Reply------------

You need to loop over while array.

{foreach from=$data key='k' item='i'}
{if $i.cnt == 1180}
{assign var='key' value=$k}

Value 1180 is in key {$key}.


If smarty has something like break, you can add it into if condition.

If you need to find value of cnt, it should be:

{foreach from=$data key='k' item='i'}
{if isset($i.cnt)}
CNT value is: {$i.cnt}
Key of item with CNT: {$k}

You can simply use array_column function of PHP as

$arr = array(

print_r(array_column($arr, 'cnt'));

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