Facebook won't log in to new activity - android

I have a log in activity that connects to Facebook at the moment, after the user logs in I want it to connect to facebook and then I want it to connect to my Activity2 class but currently it redirects back to my original activity instead.

Is their anything wrong I'm doing in this part of my code:

private CallbackManager mCallbackManager; private FacebookCallback<LoginResult> mCallback=new FacebookCallback<LoginResult>() { @Override public void onSuccess(LoginResult loginResult) { AccessToken accessToken = loginResult.getAccessToken(); Profile profile = Profile.getCurrentProfile(); if (profile != null) { Intent intent = new Intent(getActivity(), MainActivity2Activity.class); startActivity(intent); } }

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Checking if profile is null wouldn't work as ProfileManager fetches the profile asynchronously and getCurrentProfile() would likely return null immediately after logging in.

You could instead check if loginResult.getAccessToken() returns a non-null value.

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