extract a value from returned json

I have the following json return from the url:


I want to extract the access_token in ASP.NET VB, but no matter what I try, it generates error. What is the the best solution to do this?

This is my code:

Dim parsedObject = JObject.Parse(<json string>) Dim docs = parsedObject("access_token") For Each doc In docs Dim snippet As String = doc("access_token") Next label1.text = snippet

-------------Problems Reply------------

Your variable snippet is not accessible outside the loop: you can't access it outside of the loop.

Step thru your debugger: you need to figure out what the value and data type of docs are before you go any further. Since you're already referring to the value of "access_token" from docs, you probably can't get it again from the resultant value. I'm guessing it should just give you a string; it's hard to say without the error.

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