Exiting or interrupted?

Is there a way to differentiate when a user is exiting an app because he/she pressed the home button or because it's receiving a phone call? in iOS 4.0 the app doesn't quit if the user answers a call but it does in 3.x.

I'd like to save my app state if the user is interrupted by a call or any other phone event but not if the user exits the app by pressing the home button.

Any advice??

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The following application delegate methods get called in different situations:

  • applicationWillTerminate - user pressed "home" button and application is about to exit
  • applicationWillResignActive - user got incoming call or sms alert. if he decides to accept the call the application will quit
  • applicationDidBecomeActive - user ignored incoming call
  • applicationDidEnterBackground - user pressed "home" button and application went to background mode - applicable for platforms that support multitasking

So it seems you need to use applicationWillResignActive: method in app delegate to distinguish between your two cases

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