Error SOOMLA GoogleIabHelpe Can't consume Item. No token

I am using soomla framework with cocos2dx android I tried with the android.test.purchase and it worked fine. But when i check with the real purchase item it doesnt work at all. And it purchased only one time but it is unmanaged item.

Heres some of the code : Purchase Asset:

CCVirtualGood *shieldAdded = CCSingleUseVG::create( __String::create("3 Shields"), __String::create("Increase 3 Shields"), __String::create("shields_increase"), CCPurchaseWithMarket::createWithMarketItem(CCMarketItem::create( __String::create(SHIELDS_PURCHASEID), CCDouble::create(0.99)) ) );

Event Handler :

This is the function that calling back i think when it succeeded :

if(purchasable->getItemId()->compare("shields_increase")==0) { int shieldNumber=UserDefault::getInstance()->getIntegerForKey(shieldSaverNumber, 0); shieldNumber+=3; UserDefault::getInstance()->setIntegerForKey(shieldSaverNumber, shieldNumber); }

Store Scene :

This the calling methods for purchase :

soomla::CCSoomlaStore::getInstance()->startIabServiceInBg(); soomla::CCError *err; soomla::CCStoreInventory::sharedStoreInventory()->buyItem("shields_increase", &err); if (err != NULL) { log("error %s",err->getInfo()); }

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