ERROR HANDLING for my String tokenizer

else if (sCarRental.equals("EP")) { sStationCode = st.nextToken().trim(); sName=st.nextToken().trim(); sLocationCode = st.nextToken().trim(); sAddress1=st.nextToken().trim(); sAddress2=st.nextToken().trim(); sPostCode=st.nextToken().trim(); sCity=st.nextToken().trim(); sStationName=sName+sAddress1+sAddress2+sPostCode+sCity; sStationType="C"; if(sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("c")) { sStationArea="C"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("S")) { sStationArea="S"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("N")) { sStationArea="N"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("E")) { sStationArea="E"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("W")) { sStationArea="W"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("T")) { sStationArea="T"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("X")) { sStationArea="R"; } else if (sLocationCode.equalsIgnoreCase("L")) { sStationArea="R"; } else { sStationArea="C"; } sSupplierCode ="EP"; sLocationCode=sStationCode.substring(0, 3); sCrsCode = "EP"; }

I want to read a csv file and write it to a database

But here i want to add some error handling .. So how can i do that ..normally my csv file should contain 7 values what if if there are only 4 values

help appreciated ..

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You probably could do something like this... create an API to return the value if exist, otherwise throw an exception:-

private String getValue(StringTokenizer st, String name) {
if (st.hasMoreTokens()) {
return st.nextToken().trim();
else {
throw new RuntimeException("Missing value for " + name);

In your code, instead of calling st.nextToken().trim(), you call that API:-

else if (sCarRental.equals("EP")) {

sStationCode = getValue(st, "station code");
sName=getValue(st, "name");
sLocationCode = getValue(st, "location code");
sAddress1=getValue(st, "address 1");
sAddress2=getValue(st, "address 2");
sPostCode=getValue(st, "post code");
sCity=getValue(st, "city ");


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