Error:Deploy TileStache at Apache in Windows

I want to develop a webgis,I have produce a mbtiles file by Tilemill.Now I prepare to use to cut this mbtiles file as tiles by tilestache and show in Apache by mod_wsgi.I have some problems as follow:

1.I deploy the tilestache in apache and new a test.wsgi with the path of F:/ms4w/Apache/htdocs/test.The code is :

import os, TileStache application = TileStache.WSGITileServer('F:/python27/Scripts/tilestache.cfg')

It makes I/Oerror,it can't find the tilestache.cfg.So I want to know how to write the path of the .cfg ?

2.I install the tilestache in the path of F:/python27/Scripts.Does it need to move those file about tilestache under apache folder ?

3.Now I also don't know how to show the tileslayers produced by in browser

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