Enum to formatted string

public enum WebWizDateFormat { DDMMYY, MMDDYY, YYDDMM, YYMMDD }

public class WebWizForumUser { public WebWizDateFormat DateFormat { get; set; } public WebWizForumUser() { this.DateFormat = WebWizDateFormat.DDMMYY; HttpContext.Current.Response.Write(this.DateFormat); } }

This works, but when I response.write it needs to come out in the format "dd/mm/yy", how can I do this?

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The simple answer is don't use an enum for this. How about a static class?

public static class WebWizDateFormat
public const string USFormat = "MM/DD/YY";
public const string UKFormat = "DD/MM/YY";

// . . .
string dateFormat = WebWizDateFormat.USFormat;

(Just a sample, rename the fields to whatever makes sense for you.)

Easiest way would be to just use a Dictionary<WebWizDateFormat,string> that you populate with corresponding string represenations for your enum, i.e.

DateMapping[WebWizDateFormat.DDMMYY] = "dd/mm/yy";

then you can just do


Your rules regarding this conversion are not clear. You could do something like that:

this.DateFormat.ToLower().Insert(4, "\\").Insert(2,"\\");

But I doubt, that is what you meant... ;-)
This could also be helpful to you: Enum ToString

Preamble: I would advise against using an enum item name to represent data (you can get the string name of a given enum value and type). I would also advise using implicitly assigned enum values as subtle changes such as adding or removing an enum item may create subtle incompatible changes/bugs.

In this case I may just create a map from an enum-value to a string format, such as:

public enum WebWizDateFormat
// but better, maybe, as this abstracts out the "localization"
// it is not mutually exclusive with the above
// however, .NET *already* supports various localized date formats
// which the mapping below could be altered to take advantage
ShortUS = 10, // means "mm/dd/yy",
LongUK = ...,

public IDictionary<string,string> WebWizDateFormatMap = new Dictionary<string,string> {
{ WebWizDateFormat.DDMMYY, "dd/mm/yy" },
// "localized" version, same as MMDDYY
{ WebWizDateFormat.ShortUS, "mm/dd/yy" },
... // define for -all-

// to use later
string format = WebWizDateFormatMap[WebWizDateFormat.ShortUS];

Happy coding

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