Entity Framework 4, Self Tracking Entities T4 Template, ApplyChanges() extension method

I am using EF4 and the built in self-tracking entities template to generate my entites from my model. I also modifeid the T4 template so that all of the references to "ObjectContext" were changed to "IObjectContext", and I applied an interface to the auto generated context (all this was for testing and mocking purposes).

//my interface public interface IDatabaseEntities { IObjectSet<Customer> Customers {get;} int SaveChanges(); } //self tracking entity auto gen code, with my mods public partial class DatabaseEntities : ObjectContenxt, IDatabaseEntities { //auto gen stuff here public IObjectSet<Customer> Customers //more auto gen stuff }

In the T4 template they generate an extension method ApplyChanges() which only works on objects with type of "ObjectSet". So I cannot call "_context.Customers.ApplyChanges(customer);" because i am working with types of "IObjectSet". I really need to call this method in order to update a detached entity!!! So now I cannot figure out how to update my entities since I am not working with the concrete ObjectSet class.

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How about an extension method like the following:

public static class EntityFrameworkExtensions
public static void ApplyChanges<TEntity>(this IObjectSet<TEntity> objectSet, TEntity entity)
where TEntity : class
if (objectSet is ObjectSet<TEntity>)

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