ElasticSearch admin user is unauthorized to access jdbc river plugin

Within ElasticSearch, I configured jdbc river plugin, it works before, after configured shield and assigned with admin user, the ElasticSearch is secured and able to access by TransportClient, but when I run river plugin script, I got the following exception:

pool-3-thread-1] ERROR river.jdbc.RiverPipeline - action [org.xbib.elasticsearch.action.river.jdbc.state.get] is unauthorized for user [ddtuser] org.elasticsearch.shield.authz.AuthorizationException: action [org.xbib.elasticsearch.action.river.jdbc.state.get] is unauthorized for user [ddtuser] at org.elasticsearch.shield.authz.InternalAuthorizationService.denial(InternalAuthorizationService.java:247)

BTW, I already modified the JDBCFeeder.java, to pass the shield.user into setting, but no luck!

Settings clientSettings = ImmutableSettings.settingsBuilder() .put("cluster.name", settings.get("elasticsearch.cluster", "elasticsearch")) .put("shield.user", "ddtuser:*mypassword*")

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