EditText addTextChangedListener cause memory leak

I use LeakCanary to check my app for memory leak, and it reports a leak as follow EditText addTextChangedListener cause memory leak

public AutofitHelper setEnabled(boolean enabled) { if (mEnabled != enabled) { mEnabled = enabled; if (enabled) { mTextView.addTextChangedListener(mTextWatcher); mTextView.addOnLayoutChangeListener(mOnLayoutChangeListener); autofit(); } else { android.util.Log.i("linlian","AutofitHelper.setEnabled()remove="+mTextView); mTextView.removeTextChangedListener(mTextWatcher); mTextView.removeOnLayoutChangeListener(mOnLayoutChangeListener); mTextView.setTextSize(TypedValue.COMPLEX_UNIT_PX, mTextSize); } } return this; }

the code calls setEnable(true) to add addTextChangedListener for TextView and i have already added setEnable(false) to removeTextChangedListener, but this is not enough, there is a static TextLine.sCached reference, how to release the sCashed.

The follow code snippet I found in TextLine

static TextLine recycle(TextLine tl) { tl.mText = null; tl.mPaint = null; tl.mDirections = null; tl.mMetricAffectingSpanSpanSet.recycle(); tl.mCharacterStyleSpanSet.recycle(); tl.mReplacementSpanSpanSet.recycle(); synchronized(sCached) { for (int i = 0; i < sCached.length; ++i) { if (sCached[i] == null) { sCached[i] = tl; break; } } } return null; }

but, how to use it in correct way to recycle the static sCashed?

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I found a related topic Android memory leak on textview

the Utils.clearTextLineCache() maybe a good workarounds.

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