Dynamic Query Generation is not working with SQL

I am trying to execute following SQL statement :

USE[Northwind] declare @MainQuery varchar(255), @WhereClause varchar(255) Select @WhereClause = 'where CustomerId =ALFKI' Select @MainQuery ='Select * from Customers '[email protected] execute(@MainQuery)

But getting the error ,

Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Invalid column name 'ALFKI'.

What is wrong ?

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ALFKI is being treated as if it is a column name. Your generated sql will look like this:

select * from Customers where CustomerID = ALFKI

What you want is your code to look like this:

select * from Customers where CustomerID = 'ALFKI'

To achieve this, change your where clause generator to this:

Select @WhereClause = 'where CustomerId = ''ALFKI'' '

Try this

Select @WhereClause = 'where CustomerId =''ALFKI'''

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