Drupal adaptive theme logo url links to outside site

I have drupal site that uses the adaptive theme. Now the link in the logo is directed to "/" (to root of my site) but I would like to change it so that it would dirent to outside site (www.domain.com). How can I do this?

This where the logo image is created in template.preprocess-page.inc but I have no clue where the URL gets to the logo. Any advie would be apprerciated!

$vars['logo_alt_text'] = check_plain(variable_get('site_name', '')) .' '. t('logo'); $vars['logo_img'] = $vars['logo'] ? '<img src="'. check_url($vars['logo']) .'" alt="'. $vars['logo_alt_text'] .'" title="'. t('Home page') .'"/>' : ''; $vars['linked_site_logo'] = $vars['logo_img'] ? l($vars['logo_img'], '<front>', array('attributes' => array('rel' => 'home'), 'title' => t('Home page'), 'html' => TRUE)) : ''; $vars['linked_site_name'] = $vars['site_name'] ? l($vars['site_name'], '<front>', array('attributes' => array('rel' => 'home'), 'title' => t('Home page'))) : '';

-------------Problems Reply------------

This line sets the logo as a img link:

$vars['linked_site_logo'] = $vars['logo_img'] ? l($vars['logo_img'], '<front>', array('attributes' => array('rel' => 'home'), 'title' => t('Home page'), 'html' => TRUE)) : '';

With $vars['logo_img'] being the image, and <front> being the url for the link. l() is a function built into Drupal. Documentation on l()

Also you may wish to read more about preprocess functions: Setting up variables for use in a template (preprocess and process functions)

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