Drag and drop link text, without text from prior URL (Chrome Emoji Drag+Drop App)

Chrome Drag+Drop Emoji App - Drag+Drop Issues

Here is a screen shot of the app, it's very simple... Just links, with backgrounds of each Emoji!


My goal is to set each links text to the Emoji text e.g. href="^_^"

In doing this, the built in link drag and drop functionality can be utilized.

However... This is where my problem is: The link returned from the drag+drop comes back as: chrome-extension://ojofigmeejcamaionceobpkjbooicoae/mypopup.html^_^

I'd obviously like to just return: ^_^

Here is the code I am using, just for clarity:

<a href="^_^" class="emoticon emoticon_smile emo_a" style="margin:2px" title="Smile"></a>

Any help would be greatly apprecitated.

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