Dojo's dijit.Editor not editable in Adobe AIR application?

Maybe someone has some idea what I'm doing wrong here. I'm writing an AIR application and I'm trying to embed a dijit.Editor on my page - I've tried both with a simple:

<div dojoType="dijit.Editor"></div>

And doing it programmaticly:

<div id="editor"></div> ... // in the onLoad function var editorwidget = new dijit.Editor({height: '400px'}, 'editor'); editorwidget.startup();

But neither seem to work right. In both cases I see both the toolbar and an appropriately sized IFRAME, but the IFRAME doesn't seem to be loading its content. I've tried forcibly seeing the src param and calling


but all to no effect - Editor.onLoad() never gets called.

I tried manually calling


And that seems to trigger some things to happen - however what it seems to trigger is the disabling of the Editor widget altogether.

I'm sure I'm missing something dumb, but I'm at a loss for what it could be that I'm missing.

Has anyone else used dijit.Editor in an Adobe AIR application (I'm using the latest 2.0 runtime/2.0 RC SDK).

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As near as I can tell the problem seems to be that the IFRAME which gets added to the page with an 'src=javascript:...' violates the security sandbox policy in Adobe AIR. I tried setting the src= what it would eventually be if the javascript got executed, but that just doesn't seem to help either. Not sure why that won't work.

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