Does anyone know how to create a second address line field in Contacts?

I am trying to import contacts and many of the addresses have a second line, I cannot figure out how to create a second address line field. Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry, that's not possible with Outlook for Mac.

Please be sure to let Microsoft know you'd like to see this feature in future versions by using the Help --> Send Feedback mechanism in any Office application.

Hope this helps!

I hope that you are not serious about having to send a feedback request for something so incredibly fundamental to the address data. It is no different than not having a zip code field. Outlook for Mac is an incredibly dumbed-down version of Outlook for Windows. I anxiously await an upgrade. I hope they also add more address possibilities than "Home" and "Work". The fact that they call it "Work" suggests this software is designed for high school children. Please upgrade to a more professional level!
Thanks for letting me rant....

Yup, s'rious. Those who don't request features are less likely to get the features they want than those who do.

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