Delete string element in array (Matlab)

I have a string: pairs = ['AA';'AB';'BB';'AC'; 'CC'; 'CB';'DE'; 'BC']

How can I delete the element which has the same characters in its string like 'AA','BB', 'CC' ?

The expected output should be: out = ['AB';'AC';'CB';'DE';'BC']

-------------Problems Reply------------

Use logical indexing and compare first and second column:

out = pairs(pairs(:,1)~=pairs(:,2),:)

For a more general way (to cover rows with more than two characters) you can create the index of rows that have all elements equal to each other using bsxfun:

allsame = any(~bsxfun(@eq, pairs, pairs(:,1)), 2);
out = pairs(allsame,:);

If all the entries are only 2 elements, you could subtract each elements and if the result is 0 then both elements are the same.


pairs = {'AA';'AB';'BB';'AC'; 'CC'; 'CB';'DE'; 'BC'}

Diffs = cellfun(@(x) diff(x),pairs)

Diffs looks like this:

Diffs =


Now delete those entries:

pairs(~Diffs) = []

pairs =


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