Debugging Stack corruption methods

I'm facing a stack corruption that breakpoints right before at the return of the wWinMain function.. can anyone suggest me a way, or some tips of how to debug a stack corruption? (preferably in winDbg)

I know the corruption occurs in a procedure that I wrote in masm for my program, but the stack seems to be fine during the whole procedure. rsp register has all it needs during the whole time..

-------------Problems Reply------------

Perform these in order:

  • Compile with high level warning, and fix most warnings
  • Run Code Analysis on project, and fix the warnings - specially the one that says word about buffer/array/stack etc.
  • If the corruption is still is not fixed, reduce the function size (comment out the upper or lower part of function). Don't just return - the corrupting stack buffer may still be allocated - commenting out will omit the bad-stack from program code.
  • Refactor the wWinMain - divide into sub tasks (functions). One of the function will fail because of stack, and you'll locate the real issue.

Ok, I've managed to trace the bug! I've overwritten a variables content by mistake by moving a value to qword ptr[rsp+20h], the 20h(offset) was too far and it overwritten my HINSTANCE variable. :) the stack corruption occurred around the 'instance' variable. managed to trace with the help of WinDbg good practice.

thanks to all the responders.

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