Customize md-tabs from Angular Material

I'm using Angular Material for some parts of my project. At a point I use the md-tabs directive. (

What I want to achieve is to center the tab labels (the ones allowing us to navigate between tabs on the 'header' of md-tabs)

This is now the only remaining issue : I also want to reduce the height and padding of this 'header' containing the label.

I tried a few things like :

.md-padding { padding: 4px; !important; } .md-pagination-wrapper { height: 4px; !important; }

Without success.

Here is a codepen :

Edit : It looks like we can change the height of the 'header' containing the labels by changing the canvas css height property in the codepen. However We can't change it's padding. And this property is not present in the demo on Angular Material website, so I'm not sure it should be used.

Edit 2 : In order to center the tabs, the only thing to do is add the parameter md-center-tabs to the md-tabs directive

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