crystal report how to display date in boxes of Bank Check Book

I want to print check from SAP Business one. I do all setting except the bank check Date have issue. in bank check the date is in boxes and having spacing.

can any one help me to how can i do it?

crystal report how to display date in boxes of Bank Check Book

-------------Problems Reply------------

as Siva reccomended (or similar) ---

8 separate formulas

left(totext(Currentdate,'dd'),1) //d1

right(totext(Currentdate,'dd'),1) //d2

left(totext(Currentdate,'MM'),1) //m1

right(totext(Currentdate,'MM'),1) //m2

left(totext(Currentdate,'yyyy'),1) //y1

mid(totext(Currentdate,'yyyy'),2,1) //y2

mid(totext(Currentdate,'yyyy'),3,1) //y3

mid(totext(Currentdate,'yyyy'),4,1) //y4

Place in report and format each to have top, bottom, left and right borders.

take as mnay formulas as many characters in date and in each formula take one date character and display all formulas side by side.

you can extract single chracters ny conveting date to strings.

after placing all formulas side by side, Apply borders for those formulas.

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