credit card validation using jquery

The code is not validating the values correctly, when i put in a simple digit it is already triggering the code.

$(".validate-card-num").live('keypress', function() { var ccNum = $(this).val(); //var visa = /^4[0-9]{12}([0-9]{3})?$/; //var master = /^5[1-5]([0-9]{14})$/; if(ccNum.test(/^4[0-9]{12}([0-9]{3})?$/)){ $("#img-visa").css("opacity","1"); $("#img-master").css("opacity","0.3"); }else if(ccNum.test(/^5[1-5]([0-9]{14})$/)){ $("#img-master").css("opacity","1"); $("#img-visa").css("opacity","0.3"); }else $("#img-master, #img-visa").css("opacity","0.3") });

for example i put in "5" the value triggers the regex but when i put in another value it disables the regex all together.

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You are not using the .test() function correctly. This function is only available in RegExObject, and you are using it on a string. Your code should be like this:

var ccNum = "Test CC";
var visa = new RegExp("Paste Your Visa Pattern Here");
//Then do the check
console.log('visa card');
console.log('not visa card');

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