Creating a master file to link data to multiple word documents with automatic updates and relative links


I am looking guidance on how to set up a master file that will contain the data that I want to link to multiple word document that will automatically update and use a relative link to the master file.

I have a massive amount of documents (60 plus) for each project that I have to update information like milestone dates, project name, number, size, etc. as well as other data that needs to be consistent across all the documents whenever they are mentioned. Whenever there is a new project I copy the file structure to the project folder and then manually change each item in all the documents to update the information specific to that project.

What I am hoping to do is to create a master data file (Excel Spreadsheet) that I will link to the correct locations in each word document with Copy ->Paste Special -> Paste Link to link the data.

What I want to do is create a master folder structure to use as a template that I will copy and paste to the project folders and be able to edit the master file (that will be copied along with all the word files). Is this a good approach to solving my problem and how can I ensure that the links are relative and not absolute? I'm trying to avoid making a fundamental mistake in my approach before spending hours setting up all the links.

Thanks in advance.

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To see how to implement relative paths in Word, check out the solution I've posted at:

For links to Excel, you'll need the macro solution.

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