Computed Column cannot be Persisted

I have a custom function, and I am trying to created a persisted column using this function.

It is giving me following error.

Computed column 'FormattedSSN' in table 'SomeTable' cannot be persisted because the column is non-deterministic.

Here is the function:


Here is the query to add the column using the function:

ALTER TABLE SomeTable ADD FormattedSSN as dbo.FormatSSN() PERSISTED

Please suggest if there is any way out. Thanks.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Add WITH SCHEMABINDING to the function like this:

your stuff here

and then run this to verify:

IF OBJECTPROPERTY (OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[FormatSSN]'),'IsDeterministic') = 1
PRINT 'Function is detrministic.'
ELSE IF OBJECTPROPERTY (OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[FormatSSN]'),'IsDeterministic') = 0
PRINT 'Function is NOT detrministic'

Works here.

How about specifying the definition directly:

ADD FormattedSSN as
case when len(EmployeeSSN) = 9 then
substring(EmployeeSSN, 1, 3) + '-' +
substring(EmployeeSSN, 4, 2) + '-' +
substring(EmployeeSSN, 6, 4)
else EmployeeSSN end

Instead of calling the UDF, Set the computed column expression to

Case When Len(EmployeeSSN) = 0 Then
SUBSTRING(EmployeeSSN, 1, 3) + '-' +
SUBSTRING(EmployeeSSN, 4, 2) + '-' +
SUBSTRING(EmployeeSSN, 6, 4)
Else EmployeeSSN End

In the Create Table script you can add a column:

[NewColumnName] As
(Case When len([UpdateUserId])=(0) T
Then (((substring([UpdateUserId],(1),(3))+'-')+
Else [UpdateUserId] End) PERSISTED,

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