cleartool protect -chmod 770 ERROR

This command does not work:

cleartool protect -chmod 770 <vob-tag-name>

i get the following error:

cleartool> protect -chmod 770 vob-tag-name cleartool: Error: Unable to access "vob-tag-name": ClearCase object not found.

The VOB tag is valid and points to the correct VOB location.

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you!

-------------Problems Reply------------

In above command, you should be using path like protect -chmod 770 /vobs/vobname/dir/file.txt

To protect the VOB you should use the protectvob command.

Protect changes permissions/ownership of a VOB objects (element(file/directory/..), meta type (branch/...),).

eg: For a file --> **ct protect –chmod 770** ,
for all elements in the directories --> **ct protect –recurse –chmod 770 src**

run ct setview <view-name> then cd to the VOB cd <vob-tag> Then run /usr/atria/bin/cleartool protect -chmod 770 -recurse <vob-tag>

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