'Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Url' not found' - Laravel 5

I have started learning Laravel 5. Following this tutorial. I am getting this error. (Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Url' not found).
I have attached the image of my code here.

'Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Url' not found' - Laravel 5

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. 1/1 FatalErrorException in UrlController.php line 22: Class 'App\Http\Controllers\Url' not found in UrlController.php line 22 at FatalErrorException->__construct() in compiled.php line 1838 at HandleExceptions->fatalExceptionFromError() in compiled.php line 1833 at HandleExceptions->handleShutdown() in compiled.php line 0 at UrlController->store() in compiled.php line 8504 at call_user_func_array:{C:\wamp\www\readit-later\vendor\compiled.php:8504}() in compiled.php line 8504 at Controller->callAction() in compiled.php line 8572 at ControllerDispatcher->call() in compiled.php line 8551 at ControllerDispatcher->Illuminate\Routing\{closure}() in compiled.php line 9190

help me out.

-------------Problems Reply------------

You should create a model with the name Url or whatever suits best inside your app folder you may also generate a url model by artisan command

php artisan make:model Url

or you can create one manually e.g

<?php namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder;

protected $table = 'table_name' // in case your table name is different than plural of model name

class Url extends Model


and then in your controller use this Url model e.g

use App\Url;

and then you will be able to use

$url = new Url;
$url->url = Request::get('url'); //make sure you have used use Illuminate\Http\Request; in starting of your controller

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