choose the newest file and use getline to read it

Having problems with a small awk script, Im trying to choose the newest of some log files and then use getline to read it. The problem is that it dosent work if I dont send it any input first to the script.

This works

echo | myprog.awk

this do not



BEGIN{ #find the newest file command="ls -alrt | tail -1 | cut -c59-100" command | getline logfile close(command) } { while((getline<logfile)>0){ #do the magic print $0 } }

-------------Problems Reply------------

Your problem is that while your program selects OK the logfile the block {} is to be executed for every line of the input file and you have not input file so it defaults to standard input. I don't know awk very well myself so I don't know how to change the input (if possible) from within an awk script, so I would:

#! /bin/awk -f

# find the newest file
command = "ls -1rt | tail -1 "
command | getline logfile
# do the magic
print $0

or maybe

alias myprog.awk="awk '{print $0}' `ls -1rt | tail -1`"

Again, this maybe a little dirty. We'll wait for a better answer. :-)

Never parse ls. See this for the reason.

Why do you need to use getline? Let awk do the work for you.

# get the newest file
files=(*) newest=${f[0]}
for f in "${files[@]}"; do
if [[ $f -nt $newest ]]; then

# process it with awk
awk '{
# do the magic
print $0
}' $newest

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