Check the type of a class

I have the following C# classes:

public class Reply<T> { } public class Ok<T> : Reply<T> { } public class BadRequest<T> : Reply<T> { }

And on a method which receives a Reply I need to check it its type is Ok or BadRequest or ... Something like:

public static String Evaluate(Reply<T> reply) { switch (typeof(reply)) { case typeof(Ok<T>): // Do something break; // Other cases } }

But I get the error

The type or namespace name 'reply' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Any idea how to test the type of reply?

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Well, typeof() only works on types (as in typeof(int)), not variables, so you would need



But then you'll find that case expressions require literal values, so you'll need to convert to an if-else block:

public static String Evaluate<T>(Reply<T> reply) {
if(reply.GetType() == typeof(Ok<T>)) {
// Do something
else {
// Other cases


if(reply is Ok<T>) {
// Do something
else {
// Other cases

reply.GetType() is what you're looking for

You can use typeof which is an operator that returns the System.Type of an Object

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