check multiple values in an if statement in jquery/javascript

I am trying to if the value of an input box is blank or not by doing the below:

var id = $(this).attr('id').substr(3); var lengthname = $("#input_name_"+id).val().length; var lengthrss = $("#input_rss_"+id).val().length; if (lengthrss!=0 || lengthname!=0) { // do something } else { alert('Values cannot be blank'); }

For some reason it is not doing the OR however if the user enters both values as blanks then the alert comes up??

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What you are looking for is an AND operation, not OR. The valid case is when both lengths are non-zero:

if (lengthrss!=0 && lengthname!=0)
// do something


if (lengthrss==0 || lengthname==0)
alert('Values cannot be blank');

For reference: De Morgan's laws

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