Check if an object is an instance of any one of a list of classes (Android)

I've been looking at this for a while, and whilst it's not critical, I was wondering if there is a neat way (1 liner perhaps) that I can use to check if an object is an instance of any of several classes for example, I could do:

if(anObject instanceof Pupil){ ... } else if(anObject instanceof Teacher) { ... }

And so on and so forth. Is there a better way to do this, or is this as good as I'm going to get?

-------------Problems Reply------------

Make a Collection of Class objects of your choice and...

if(myClasses.contains(obj.getClass())) {
// obj is one of the classes I care about, so do something

Of course if you intend to cast obj afterwards, this won't help (but that would be, as I said in my comment, an indication of a design problem).

instanceof is what you would want. Keep in mind that instanceof will return true for superclasses as well.

If you want to see if an object is a direct instance of a class, you could compare the class. You can get the class object of an instance via the getClass() method. And you can statically access a specific class via ClassName.class.

An example:

if (anObject.getClass() == Pupil.class) {}

In the above example, the condition is true if anObject is an instance of Pupil, but not if anObject is an instance of a subclass of Pupil.

In comparison:

if (anObject instanceof Pupil) {}

In the instanceof example, the condition is true if anObject is an instance of Pupil, or if anObject is an instance of a subclass of Pupil.

Normally, instanceof is the correct approach.

As long as you only need to check the exact class of the object and not superclasses, then you could have a list of the classes you want to check for, and simply check if that list contains the class you have.

Here's some code...

//Set up list of classes
private static final List<Class> CLASSES = Arrays.asList(new Class[] { String.class, Double.class });

Then subsequently when you want to check, it's a one liner...

if(CLASSES.contains(anObject.getClass())) { ... }

Through the use of reflection, java/android has a method isAssignableFrom() which allow you to test if a particular Class object can be assigned from another. Using this fact, you could place your list of test classes into a Class[] and check each and every one through a for loop, as follows:

public static boolean assignableFrom(Class test, Class[] candidates){
for(Class candidate : candidates){
return true;

return false;

in this case, the class under test can be checked against multiple classes for both equivalence and inheritance, meaning that the method will return true even if one of the candidate classes is a superclass of the test class.

If you want instance level relationship only, consider constructing a HashSet of your candidate classes and check if your test object's class in contained within this HashSet (since this gives better performance than a iterative lookup).

you can try to cast your object to Person, and see if you are getting a ClassCastException

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